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Have a distinct visual presence. What does this mean to Instagram?

When it comes to blogging, what is always said is that Content is king.

But what does it mean? It means that the contents of your blog must be of great value to be able to emerge from hundreds of other similar content.

This also applies to Instagram.

If you have bad photos, that do not tell anything or are equal to millions of others, you will not get many new followers. Always remember that you have to give a real reason to make people follow your profile.

In addition to presenting some very beautiful photos, then, the real secret to get thousands of followers is to know how to distinguish.

Always amaze your followers by distinguishing yourself from the rest of the mass and creating your unique style!

Obviously the only content, even if your photos are really beautiful, are not enough to get a successful account.

What you need is also a solid strategy, like the one I explained to you in Instagram on Fire (have you already downloaded the free report to increase your followers on Instagram?).

But which are the best performing photos on Instagram? I leave you some of the results of a study conducted by Curalate:

  • Brighter images generate 24% more likes than dark images
  • Images that have blue as a dominant color get 24% more likes than images where red predominates
  • Images with a low saturation generate 18% more likes than those with the most accessible colors
  • Images that have a single dominant color get 17% more likes than those that have different dominant colors

If you visit my Instagram account you will notice that my photos are characterized by a unique style. To get it, I use teal & orange which is a type of photo color that I do with Lightroom for each photo. In this way I can make sure I always get a perfect color unit.

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As you can see, even in a very competitive niche like that of travel you can create something original and distinguishable.

One mistake that many make is to create so beautiful photos, but equal to millions of other photos on similar profiles.

What you will then have to do to have a successful Instagram profile is both having extraordinary photos, and distinguishable from all the others.

To summarize then, always keep in mind:

  • Your photos must be qualitatively beautiful
  • They must be distinctive
  • Photos with some characteristics (colors, saturation) are more powerful than others.

These strategies have allowed me to be cited by Iconosquare as one of the best entrepreneurs in the world to follow on Instagram.