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How do instagram story views work? Secrets of popular instagram accounts

Instagram can rightfully be called one of the most popular social networks, which is gaining more and more users. Virtually all smartphone owners have an application for instagram. And often the question arises – how can you unleash your profile in the instagram? Many people want to get more likes to their photos and have many subscribers. How to achieve this result?

  1. Immediately agree that if you want to have real subscribers, and not advertising profiles, then the programs – bots that wind up subscribers, will not work. In order for people to subscribe to the profile “of their own free will,” one needs to provoke interest. Make interesting and beautiful, perhaps unusual and original photos, do not throw your accounts for a long time. You need a golden mean – upload photos often, but not enough to start annoying your subscribers. If you are not a model, do not abuse selfie.
  2. Put the likes of other users of the likes – most likely they will answer you the same and even subscribe to your instagram if the profile becomes interesting to them.
  3. Set hashtags. It’s worth remembering that too many hashtags, though it will bring a lot of likes, but it can be annoying for some users, and even less likely to bring you new ones. You can try not to put the most popular hashtags, and the more rare ones that will directly relate to that , which is depicted in the photo and, perhaps, will attract the people interested in this profile to the profile. Again, using hashtags, you can go to the pages of people with whom you have similar interests, subscribe to them or put them like that, attracting attention. And there will be more chances to get yourself new subscribers, since they will be interested in your profile the same way as you do them.
  4. Many users of instagram skip comments and do not attach much importance to them. And in vain. Comments have more power than husky. If you leave a comment on someone’s page with at least one photo – you will surely be noticed and will go to your profile. And this user is very likely to check in on your page, putting the likes or comments, and possibly subscribe. In addition, leaving a comment on someone else’s page, you will see other subscribers. That is, with just one comment, you can draw a few people to look at your profile. Even better, if the comment is not limited to the smiley or the phrase “excellent photo.” Ask questions, show your interest in photography and the user – this will play into your hands. Your comment, in most cases, will not remain unanswered. It is believed that it is comments – an indicator of the popularity of instagram, since huskies can be easily “screwed” (as well as subscribers). If there are comments under your photos, this will be an indication that your profile is interesting to real people.
  5. Do not forget about geolocation. If each photo shows the location in which it was made, your profile will be easier to find for other users. And you too, through geolocation, have the opportunity to look for instagrams that are related to you in one way or another (for example, the place or event that you visited, the attraction, the photo you made). There is a great chance that after a couple of likes and comments, the user will also be interested in your page.

For clarity, we suggest that you look at several interesting instagram profiles that have long won the hearts of many users. The main guarantee of their success is beautiful, creative and unusual photos.