How get instagram live views

Experiment: how to untwist your profile on Instagram. Stories of 5 instagram bloggers.
Everybody wants a popular Instagram. That’s all, I’m telling you exactly. Well, all who are registered in this network and put at least one photo.

Because to publish a photo of a breakfast or an incredible rainbow and not to get a single husky is offensive. Write thoughts about life, complain about the weather, show off a new thing and not get a single comment – cruelly. And if the number of subscribers is also treacherous on the spot – life in general is a pain.

Everyone wants their Instagram to be popular, and point. And we want.

The main problems

Insufficiently interesting content. Typically, the same type of photos, non-ideal processing, ill-conceived texts. Unlike the posts on the pages of brands, which we, according to duty, always carefully wrote out and planned.

Irregular posting. Disappear for a few weeks, and then appear in the tape dozens of photos a day – a normal practice.

Lack of live communication and interest on the page. Well, it’s understandable: when there are no comments under the photos, huskies give only “teas for losing weight” and “fashionable covers for the phone”, it becomes quite sad. It seems that you are communicating with yourself.

Slow growth in the number of subscribers and likes. If you have more subscribers, there should be more likes, right? But this rule does not always work if the subscribers are bots. Well, it was not so easy to find these very followers.

The next step is to think over “legends”: who wants to be in Instagram? Of course, everyone decided, first of all, to be themselves, but on certain features still make an accent.

For example, Mary decided to be a mystery girl, Cristina – a sweet cutie, Kate – a stylish chic, Anna – trend instragmershey. I also decided to be an expert who, apart from his personal life, talks about moving to Instagram.

Of course, we have established some rules. For example, do at least five posts a week, create high-quality content, do not forget to put hashtags and geotags, and try to tie a conversation with subscribers.

In addition, I and Kristina decided to actively hark and comment on the posts of potential followers who were found by hashtags. And Kate and Mary also subscribed to them.

A powerful push we hoped to get from the contest, which they decided to organize themselves. Well, you see, it’s unusual when a gift is presented not by a brand, but by five girls?


1st blogger

I’ve had my Instagram for more than three years, but I have never seriously dealt with it. As a cobbler without boots, I was an SMM-box, you understand without it.

When I looked at my page as if from outside, I realized that it was boring. My personal photos in the spirit of “about anything and about everything” have limited the circle of people to whom the account may be interesting.

I also did not bother with the photo, or, more precisely, did not think about processing. Could disappear for a few weeks, and then fill the tape with photos. Was stingy on husky and comments, almost did not put a hashtags.

Before me, I set a goal: to find a way to talk about working in social networks in Instagram so that subscribers would be interested. And I really wanted a live communication, so that communication was two-way.

I admit, the first days I was in a stupor: how to tell about Instagram in Instagram? But over time I began to try to make publications with interesting facts and advice on working in social networks. Such posts sometimes collected more likes, than my personal photos.

In addition to specialized posts, I began to husk and comment on publications of people to whom I have not signed. I also did at least six posts a week and tried different time publications. Noticeable effect was given by correct hashtags and geotags, as well as early posts – 8-9 am and later – after 10 pm.

As for the photos, I began to bother very much. I thought out ideas, looked for new perspectives, combined different plans. Plus, I discovered the paid VSCO filters, Snapseed and Afterlight. I can not say that now I have found my style and are completely happy with the photos, but there is improvement.

To arrange a contest is not on the brand page, but in personal profiles it was strange, but interesting. We decided to play the wooden background for photos from Fotofon Box. With the brand, we often collaborated on different projects, and the girls gladly supported us.

Terms of the contest were simple: subscribe to us five and note in the comments of two friends who may also be interested in the contest. We immediately refused reposts, very much did not want to strain people and force to publish photos.

The contest brought about 100 subscribers each (for brands this is a very modest figure), of which after the announcement of the results took about 20 people. The rest remained – and it’s nice.

By the end of the month I will say that the page has become more complete, beautiful and full. I like that I write more, and not just put a smiley face. And (which was the main thing for me) there were readers with whom I can communicate, and not broadcast anywhere.


2nd blogger

I started the challenge with deleting old photos. It was difficult: there were photos that meant a lot to me as memories, but they were either substandard, or now I see them differently.

Next, I immediately decided for myself that my page is my page, and I can not tell you what is not interesting to me. Because it was decided that there will be my life, what surrounds me, what I see and what I’m inspired to do.

I tried to upload five photos a week, although sometimes I felt helpless and unable to take good pictures. I was looking for inspiration wherever I could.

The time of the experiment coincided with the defense of the diploma and GOS examinations at the university, I had to leave Kiev, and in my hometown of Zaporozhye it was difficult to find some cool places and make good photos, I prepared the same.

When I started working for SMM, Instagram became a disease. My young man is especially afflicted, because when we come to an institution, I traditionally take pictures first, and then we eat. You would see his face and the standard phrase: “Well, nooooo!” Well, what to do, the pictures are good, you want, and I just can not do them, even if I do not plan to exhibit them.



3rd blogger

I’m never happy with myself. Therefore, even if my account seems to be good to somebody, I still divide it by ten. Although at first I had to remove more than fifty shots.

I chose to photograph everything! Everything that seems beautiful to me. This landscapes, and object, and people, and food, and even sometimes me. I’m tired of narrow profile accounts, so I decided to collect everything I want to see myself.

Every day, working in SMM, I perfectly understand what will go down and what does not, but I chose the “do not strain” method. Sometimes I put a husky picture that flashes in my “interesting”. The conversion here was very difficult to trace.

The difficulty was one – you should not post it when you want it, but because you need it. Sometimes I could not find for several days what would be so beautiful to take off, just because my head sounded: “You must.”

Shame on me, but I still do not know what produced the greatest result. Since I did not do anything special, I just put my husky. Sometimes I did not happen quite logical things, I began to sign public-many thousands (40-60K) from Paris, New York, Italy, Germany. Although the tags and locations with these countries I have a full page about 10.

You need to find your niche and give quality (50 exclamation marks) content, be open. Then the fallovers are said to reach out to you. It sounds naive, but it’s fair.

From the minuses – if you have already started to “swing” your account different methods, it’s difficult to stop, it’s like a drug. Also, this can take a very long time. And I have not yet learned how to read a book and put on husky at the same time.



4th blogger

This challenge is the first activity in my profile. Previously, I had a closed account, which I opened only two months ago, waiting for the likes-comment-subscriptions.

From the minuses I saw that I have only “self” – not only Selfie, but in general pictures of myself. At the same time, there are absolutely no pictures of the surrounding world. In addition, I practically did not make a signature, only in very rare cases.

I was very surprised when I noticed that literally the number of hounds just doubled. And I just started to make regular posts, put hashtags, lycal of other users.

It was difficult for me to subscribe to other people. I wanted to subscribe to large accounts with travel and food art, but you understand, they will not subscribe … So catch advice from me: when you have 300 subscribers, sign up for accounts equivalent to you and you will get support from them.

The enemy of the development of your page is laziness! As soon as I stopped being active, all the results stopped. If you set a goal, please keep the page afloat! And in case of disappearance of inspiration, stock up on content in advance.



5th blogger

The page was put in closed mode, signed somewhere for 1000 people, but my posts did not delete. I changed my password, quickly changed my profile photo and started unsubscribing. Still, do not comme il faut a woman with a glass of wine to leave husky on stupid photos.

And now, before I could unsubscribe even from 200 people, like bam! and the user with my name is no longer found, the posts are gone and my life in the insta world too. Honestly, it’s not that I had anything to lose, but hell! How hard it is to start from scratch …

New page – from scratch. Since I am a wine lover, the girls immediately supported me in the idea of ​​positioning myself in Instagram as a girl with wine. The idea of ​​the profile was as follows: mystery, wine, one photo processing filter, all in a seasoned cold style.

In the old profile, I used the method of subscription and unsubscription. It was very difficult to unsubscribe, it seemed that I somehow acted ugly with a man. I signed up, he thought: “Oh, it’s fun, someone interested me,” and then unsubscribe, and the person understands that I just divorced him. Feelings with this method should be turned off exactly. Although this is uniquely effective at the initial stage of promotion of your page, in addition, if it is small.

Hashtags are good because, for example, you have a notepad, a flower and a glass on your photo, you mark the notebook brand, and they notice it. They can comment on the photo, like or even post it.
Photos where you: drink wine, do not be afraid to show yourself, post more photos and make around yourself your atmosphere.


Instead of P.S.

The promotion methods for the brand and personal accounts work differently. And yet they are working. Instead of an output here are some tips, tried in practice, which will help to develop your profile.

Think about the concept of your account. This will help you get out of the shadows. Users will understand who they are subscribing to and what news they will appear in the stream. For example, if you are positioning yourself as a food blogger, you are unlikely to post reviews of cars, and if you write about cosmetics, do not get hung up on the sport.

Zamorachivaytes over the content. And not only over the photos, texts are also very important! A good signature can save even the most successful photo. Spend time looking for ideas and do not be lazy to edit photos in special applications, not Instagram.


Do posts regularly. This is important in order not to slow down and not to lose subscribers. It is enough to start 3-5 posts a week, choosing only the most cool photos.

Set hashtags and geotags. They will help other users find your photos and you. Practice has shown that hashtags help to attract likes, fewer – subscribers. But do not add a lattice before every word. # eat # delicious # peaches # at # the beach – will not work.

Do not save the likes. After all, we are given an unlimited number of hearts. Why save them? Laikayte and comment on interesting posts to you. And there is a high probability that users will reciprocate you.

And finally, one can not help saying that the more time you give Instagram, the more social it drags out. It is checked by our five. So be careful