How to gain Instagram followers quick

Use the follow / unfollow technique in the right way to get instagram followers

Although many discourage this technique, it is now a fact: the follow / unfollow still performs well.

But what does it consist of?

Nothing could be simpler. This technique consists in following (follow) a certain number of accounts and stop following them (unfollow) if they do not return our like to their page.

It is not difficult to understand why this technique is so effective. In the world of Instagram reciprocating the follow is almost a sign of gratitude for the follow-up just received.

Following a large number of profiles, therefore, it is almost mathematically certain that you will get a lot of follow-ups.

To have more chances to be followed is also important that you do not follow random profiles but people in turn potentially interested in your profile.

But how to find the right target?

The best advice I can give you is to find other profiles similar to yours and follow the followers of that profile. In this way you can be sure that the people you follow are interested in the topic you are proposing.

But do not overdo the follow / unfollow during the day or Instagram may penalize you. The ideal would never be to exceed 500 / 1,000 operations every day.

Moreover, this follow / unfollow technique can be partially or totally automated: we will talk about it later on. Now let’s see another essential technique to increase your audience on Instagram: that of networking.

It is impossible to grow on your own

If they are called social networks, there is a reason: you will have to be social!

Find other accounts similar to yours, perhaps with the same number of followers and interact with them often. An example: if you want to become a fashion blogger, look for other fashion bloggers and interact with them.

Commenting on the photos of the profiles that share your own niche, in addition, you can reach other people interested in the topic that you propose and will be more enticed to follow you.

Join the discussions, subscribe to the engagement groups and those of like bombing. In this way you will have more possibilities both to get new followers and to make new contacts and collaborations with other instagrammer.

The difference between engagement groups and groups of like bombing can be found in this article.

Do not underestimate the communicative power of videos

That the social world is moving towards video is now a clear reality for everyone.

For some time, Instagram has also added the ability to insert videos on their Instagram account in addition to the classic photos.

What is more effective then? Post photos, videos or a mix of both?

There is no universal answer. I suggest you try, test and analyze the data you have collected. In this way you will know what you prefer to see your audience and you will know with certainty what content to prepare in the future to get more engagement.