Increase Instagram followers by integrating Facebook with your strategy

This is definitely the most obvious method you’ve ever heard but it’s a great trick to have more followers on Instagram.

In fact, you need to know that more than 20% of Instagram users are also on Facebook.

When you connect the two accounts together, your Facebook friends will immediately receive a notification and will most likely start to follow you.

Sharing Instagram photos also on your Facebook profile will also increase the chances that your photos will be seen by your friends and shared (remember to always put the privacy of the photos as public).

Sharing is a very powerful weapon: if your photos reach more people, you’ll also have more chances to get more followers on Instagram.

And Iodonna also says it (mentioning me as well)

Grow on instagram

Buy Instagram followers? Be ready to throw your profile in a few months.

Nowadays, an Instagram account with a high percentage of engagement is much more valuable than an account that has thousands of followers but very few likes and comments.

I’m sorry to tell you but the followers you buy will never be active on your profile (even if the sellers assure you otherwise).

Believe me. In the past we have done a lot of tests and 100% of the test profiles we have bought on today are inactive, dead, unrecoverable!

Take the growth of your channel as a marathon and not as a sprint: only in this way you can ensure real followers, be attached to your page and in target with what you propose.