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Some strategies for writing a structured caption and impact to get instagram followers free

To make your photo even more interesting and able to attract attention, what you need is a caption, that is a caption, of impact.

But how can we do it?

A valid advice for everyone is to make your caption more linear and “clean as possible”.

So avoid inserting too many hashtags (and try to insert them only at the end) and prefer bullet point lists.

To increase the engagement of your photos, you can ask your followers to leave a comment with their opinion or experience, or to tag a friend in the comments: in this way your photo will reach even more people.

Also remember to add a CTA, which is a Call to Action. This call to action is to invite your followers to perform a specific action.

An example can be to visit the link that you have included in your bio.


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The strategies to increase followers on instagram and earn money

How likes and comments affect your growth

From now on, if I say “increase Instagram followers” must immediately echo in your head two words: like and comments! If you want to grow the number of people who follow you, you must in fact start to interact with other users.

Know that many Instagram users prefer comments to likes. So, if you take the time to leave comments on other people’s profiles, they will be quite motivated to view your profile and follow you.

But I recommend not to write standard and trivial comments, such as “nice picture!” Or “nice pic!”. Show your human side and offer a sincere and genuine comment. This will be a great invitation to visit your profile.

Another piece of advice is to spend some time putting likes on other users’ photos, so you can get more followers. Statistically, every 100 likes you leave on photos of users who do not follow and do not follow you, you should get around 20 like and 6 new followers in response. Please note that it does not take long to put 100 like.

I suggest you follow and comment on the accounts you will find under the hashtag “#firstpost”. Looking for #firstpost on instagram you will find thousands of people who are posting their first picture on the social network. These people have just signed up, have no followers and will be more willing to follow you.

It is useless to continue to comment and follow the accounts with millions of fans, likes and comments: they will never reciprocate your follow-up

Furthermore, if you want to optimize your time, you can automatically make the process of inserting comments and likes to other photos. I talked about it in detail in Instagram on Fire: download the free report from here.