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Use copywriting to increase your visibility on Instagram

Imagine a person visiting your Instagram profile for the first time. One of the very first things you will ask is “why should I follow this profile?”.

Already. Why should they follow you?

That’s why it’s important to tell who you are right now and what you do.

Furthermore, to increase the chances that this person will follow you, you must be able to communicate something truly distinctive.

So try to be attractive, be creative and immediately transmit who you are, what distinguishes you, just like I did in my profile @dariovignali Instagram.

There are 3 elements that characterize your Instagram bio:

  • The profile photo
  • The text of the bio
  • The link

The profile photo is the one with the greatest impact. Try to use a convincing photo, in theme with your Instagram account, as a logo of your company or a picture of yourself in the foreground.

In the bio text you can write something about yourself. However, avoid text blocks. Predict a bulleted list where you can enter only keywords, just like I did.

Finally the link. Always add a link within the biography, for example that of your Facebook page or your website.

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